Thursday, April 21, 2011

College Kids

A temporary ending
To the compulsory bending
Of the mind.

As the brilliant and the less-blessed
Still each racing heart within chest
While their crowded minds show progress
They attempt to prove on each test
That they take.

The students all are cramming.
Their heads they all are slamming
'Gainst their palms.

With red bull kegs
They stay awake
Praying for the Lord to take
Great care in making sure they make
A passing grade.

Every morn' of wretched week
An hour late, alarm clocks beep.
Tires squeal and brakes all squeak.
The college kids begin to weep.
They're running late again.

"Overworked" - an understatement,
Panicked feet all pound the pavement.
Grading curves anticipated
Never seem to help.

Three exams or more, per day,
Three hours long apiece, they slay
The sense of hope with quick decay.
The student's thoughts try not to sway
From task at hand.

But ink and white won't ever stop
They blur with every tear that drops
Til finally the time runs out.

Professors' hearts refuse to flutter,
But their TA's begin to mutter
Dirty words about the utter
Monotony of grading.

Finally, final grades deployed
Bring screams of pain or cries of joy
That mingle in the madness.

Throughout the halls and dormitories,
The long semester's pains and glories
Are retold in the countless stories
Of students, bold or broken.

Seniors wave a glad goodbye
While freshmen's mothers start to cry.
Sophomores, juniors, heave a sigh:
"Now, here we go again."


  1. :D Kegs of Red bull is an understatement lol... how did you get time to write this??

  2. Genius!Coveting and anticipating the wave of a glad goodbye.