Friday, November 18, 2011

Ecclesiastes, Extra Credit, Engagement

I recently finished listening to The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway. It was a curious book. My favorite thing about it was that it was read by William Hurt, who has an awesome voice and can do all the accents beautifully.
Literally the only thing that happened was a lot of eating in cafes and drinking in bars and watching bullfights. The starring female had two affairs. The starring male and female never ended up together. They only hypothesized that they would have been happy together, if they had ever really been together. Quite an uneventful book. But well written and well read.

I attended a lecture for extra credit in my economics course. The speaker was Famous Dave, an American Indian who openly admitted to having had problems with alcohol abuse. I read a book by the light of my phone the whole time. I never knew that 'Entrepreneurial Lecture' translated to 'Self-Help Seminar'. It lasted a little over an hour and when it ended, I realized that I could have easily walked into the lobby after the talk and recieved an attendance card without ever having to actually go into the auditorium. It was depressing.

3 weeks and 1 day until the wedding. The marriage counseling is over, but I still have some vital information to glean. I plan on watching Inception, The O Network, and Twilight for the rest of my marriage advice. I hope you've detected the sarcasm I just employed. Because I was employing it.

I am of facets.

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