Sunday, November 7, 2010


Breaking bad in bitonal symphony,
Strings slipping, bows breaking, fingers freeing,
sound from wooden prison.

Violin solo begins:

The beings of melody,
phantoms of tune,
fairies of air waves,

Travel inner ear and outer space,
Leaving behind the dust of shattered air.

Silky sweet C's bathe everything in buttery bliss,
An auditory assembly of angels of music.
D minor spasms travel up the spine,
And a warm E major catches you.
Holds you tight in a hammock of harmony.
Beautiful, bold, swoops leave the smell of rosin shimmering in the air.

Take a deep breath, and breathe in life.
Music notes, though black on the composers white page,
Sent bright colors shooting through the stratosphere.

A tear fogs your vision, as the long notes shoot royal blue skies into every corner of your sky.
Low, low octaves let the lullaby of marshmallow clouds take their place in the heaven.
The music dips again, a whole rest, and the tone changes.
Royal blue to navy to deep purple sky breathes a reassuring breeze cross your grinning face.

Trumpet and piano solos join:

Ebony and gold birth moonbeam crescent.
A light deep and pure.
Strong, yet soft.
Jazzy blues inflate the moon.
Somewhere, long fingers grace the right side of a grand piano,
And a million shooting stars begin to dance.
The notes are deep, long, and magical.
Sixteenth notes send yellow lightning bolts flitting playfully overhead.
Stars find their places in all the familiar constellations,
And the lullaby puts you to sleep,

And be.
Hear the life.
Listen deeply.
The sound is here.

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