Thursday, December 30, 2010

Writ yet unread

Too many times, too many people, too many blogs,

Have fallen prey to the strongest force this world has ever known.

It conquers all with no prejudice.

Eventually everything slows, settles, subsides.

Into a crushing calm. Motionless silence.

Death or disrepair claims all.

Author after author after author after author

Learn the terrible truth at some time or another.

No one cares about the sporadic spasms of foreign fingers.

Keyboards are comatose. The click-click of mice is heard faintly in the distance.

Young writers typing along one word at a time.

Toward an imminent doom of disillusionment.

These public diaries lack the intrigue of private journals.

And the thoughts that are chosen to be published are the most boring of all.

We all learn that our inner thoughts, feelings, and desires are of no significant value to anyone besides ourselves.

Digital wind leaves thousands of web addresses lost in an ocean of amateur talent.

Digital dust settles comfortably upon every unread word.

Every vainly typed paragraph is forgotten.

--Another Unregarded author of another unregarded blog.

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