Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Where is the love...

Beauty permeates every fiber of every particle of nature. There is so much potential for happiness for every person in every place at every moment. So why is there no peace on a personal or global scale? Simply put: self-love. Life is one giant prisoner's dilemma. We could all obtain great happiness simultaneously had we sufficient respect for others, however a purely dominant strategy seems to be the only game theory inherent in human nature.

In a perfect world, everyone would skip along merrily, holding hands, cloning unicorns, and doing other unspeakably naive things. But soon after this utopia forms, the most intelligent (or greediest) person will notice that they could be ever so slightly happier by taking more than their fair amount of time at the unicorn-cloning machine. The rest of the less de-evolved individuals soon follow suit, until government, and therefore welfare, is invented to redistribute the unicorn supply. Unicorn unions are created and demand equal rights for the hornies (or as they like to be called: individuals with aesthetically gifted foreheads). The final blow to happiness comes when the uni-union lobbies for the nation to abandon the unicorn horn standard, and instead back paper money with fairy dust. This obviously creates problems as the world's wealthiest citizens develop a nasty habit of floating into space whilst muttering quietly to themselves about the second bar on the right and straight shots all morning.

I said all that to say this: if we become more interested in society than ourselves, something nice might happen. But perhaps not. It's hard to tell.

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  1. "the second bar on the right and straight shots all morning"

    Laughing so hard. Didn't realize how immensely genius you are.