Friday, March 18, 2011

"Yes sir, Mr. Eastwood"

Could it be caused by the bumper crop of four-leaf clovers this year? Does it have to do with global warming? Is it possibly because the Sacred Shrine of Bearded Women has been rebuilt in an undisclosed basement in southern Philly? Whatever the reason, whatever the cause, and whatever the weak electromagnetic forces that brought it about, luck is in the air.

This morning I called into the radio station of MIX 105.1 (known better to the Romans as 1009 CV.I) with the goal of being the fifteenth caller . I was caller numbers 3, 11, and magic number 15. I enlisted in the game of Battle of the Genders. My goal was simple: to answer multiple-choice questions from female pop culture whilst my female opponent answered questions concerning the chromosomally advantaged sex.

The questions asked were unrelated to the answers so I'll provide only the latter here: Gucci. Jessica Simpson. Domenica. I got the first two questions correct using a complicated Nash equilibrium strategy known as random guessing. I missed the third question when my opponent started using witchcraft and sorcery. Lastly, I stated my name and correctly identified gold's counterpart to win the tie-breaker and thus, the game.

Now on an unknown Thursday at 8 PM at the Bob Carr, my sweetheart and I are to watch Wicked as performed by a 1000 mile displaced Broadway cast. I hope to bring home a Munchkin. I think that they're free with admission. Or something like that.

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