Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Pavlov To My Dog

The title of this blog post originates from a Pretender quote. I bring it up because I've been attempting to train Bella, Micki's (and now also my) black lab, to do a few different (and ever so slightly amusing) things. I'm working on 1. Having her come to my side when I say "Heel", 2. Teaching her to associate the sound of a duck (from my iPod's alarm) with me getting her leash for a walk, and 3. Getting her to walk in between our mailbox and our neighbor's mailbox when returning home. So far only "heel" is sinking in, but I'm hopeful for the other two conditioning treatments as well. I'll be sure to update if anything cool happens.

"Iiiiiiiii've played the field, the game, the park, the arcade....."

I started studying the 1200+ page manual for the SOA's Exam C today. It's kind of fun, but fairly time-consuming. Moments, expectations, skewness, and kurtosis are exciting only the first 8 dozen times you encounter them.

I also finished The Hunger Games today. Great book. I'm anxious to finish the next two, but I don't see how they'll be able to match the excitement of the first. That book along with has inspired me to try to be more epic on a daily basis.

The New Year is coming soon. If the world wasn't ending in 2012, it'd be really exciting. 2012 = 2*2*503 just in case you were wondering.

I might be a Dr. Pepper addict. If anyone wants to help me start a DP-holics Anonymous, let me know. Just be sure to think of a good fake name before contacting me. Only so many people can call themselves Bob before it starts getting confusing.

"And for the rest of you: jury duty, jury duty, blackmail, eviction notice, pink slip....." - The the the the, THE GRINCH!


  1. I would like to sign up for your DP-holics Anonymous group.... it has been four days since my last sip.

    I am looking forward to reading The Hunger Games...

  2. So glad you read Hunger Games! (I think it was my book?) Read the other ones too, if you haven't already. Catching Fire was my favorite. The last one is all right. Not anywhere near as good as the first two.